SABI technology

implements a universal system of biometric authentication and continuous access to the protected system.

It is based on the analysis of the electromagnetic field of the person - an innovation in the area of biometrics.

The entire human body - all cells - acts as an "imprint", so the permanence of its characteristics is very high.

The system is open for operation only when the user is within the system scanning range. SABI can act as a global identity card.

Model of SABI identification and
authentication system functioning

The system has the following properties:

  • continuous accumulation of biometric data
  • continuous authentication
  • continuous updating of biometric data
  • continuous maintenance of statistical data

SABI is the first and the only one identification technology that verifies authenticity when the user logs in to the system and automatically and continuously monitors his/her authenticity while working in the system. The system is open for operation only when the user is within the system scanning range.

SABI-auth authentication module

A built-in or external module and software for its maintenance carry out user identification and authentication. It is designed for the b2b corporate market.

The authentication module learns to recognize users and store the information necessary for their authentication.

The software receives from the module the fact of user authentication and his/her identifier, which is saved by the system during module learning, then the system software solves issues related to user authorization.

Only the user whose biometric data was uploaded to the module undergoes authentication. It is impossible to imitate the profile of the user electromagnetic response and, consequently, avoid authentication. The encrypted channel of data transmission from the module to the software eliminates the possibility of hacking the module itself.

Scheme of SABI-auth operation